Akers Capital manages Pac West Technology Fund I, LP, an investment partnership that invests in emerging technology companies in the Northwest and Northern California.
Pac West Technology Fund I, LP Portfolio Companies


Telemetric Corporation Boise, Idaho

Telemetric Corporation is a wireless telemetry company providing products and services that enable remote control and monitoring of equipment and machinery. Telemetric's MicroRTU™ monitors and controls remote equipment through the Web using wireless communications via cellular non-voice technology.

Telemetric is privately held with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. For more information, please visit www.telemetric.net or e-mail to info@telemetric.net.


CustomerLink Systems, Inc. Roseville, California

CustomerLink Systems, Inc. is a leader in delivering Customer Retention and Loyalty technology and services to the automotive service and repair industry. CustomerLink's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system automatically reminds the vehicle owner of future service intervals, provides coupons, promotions, surveys, or thank you letters on behalf of their service provider. These services allow the automotive repair facilities to increase customer count, retain their customer base, and generate greater profits without spending any incremental time or effort.

Additional information may be found at www.customerlink.com.


IP Infusion, Inc. San Jose , California

A leading provider of advanced network software for both network equipment vendors and server routing solutions, IP Infusion builds world-class software that supports state of the art network standards and protocols. With the explosion of networking technology and industry standards, IP Infusion's routing suites make it easier for equipment vendors and solutions providers to deliver solutions to the market in a timely, cost-effective manner. IP Infusion delivers both source and server versions of its unique software. The source code solutions enable equipment vendors and development organizations to quickly integrate leading edge network protocols into their products and applications without the software development expense normally associated with complex product development. IP Infusion's server packages provide routing solutions for service providers, hosting vendors, telecommunications providers, and enterprise customers. IP Infusion is a member of the Network Processing Forum and an active participant in the IETF.

For more information, please visit www.ipinfusion.com, send e-mail to marketing@ipinfusion.com, or call (408) 794-1500.